Efficacy and Safety of A Bolus of Half-Dose r-SAk Prior To Primary PCI In ST-Elevation Myocardial Infarction

Am Heart J
Nov 20, 2023

OPTIMA-6 will reveal the efficacy and safety of a contemporary facilitated PCI with a bolus of half-dose r-SAK in combination with ticagrelor in patients with STEMI.

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Thyroid Function Tests in Children and Adolescents With Trisomy 21

Nov 13, 2023

By longitudinally assessing TFT in a wide pediatric DS population, we outlined the syndrome-specific reference nomograms for TSH, FT3, and FT4 and demonstrated a persistent upward shift of TSH compared to non-syndromic children.

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Which Patients With Rhabdomyosarcoma Need Radiotherapy?

J Clinical Oncology
Nov 06, 2023

RT can be omitted in patients with IRS I eRMS. RT improves LCS and EFS in IRS II and III. RT improves OS in patients with HN-PM, with proton RT comparable with photon RT. Doses of 32 Gy (HART) or 36 and 41.4 Gy (CFRT) had comparable efficacy in patients with favorable risk profiles and 44.8 Gy (HART) or 50.4 and 55.8 Gy (CFRT) in the unfavorable groups.

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Telehealth Privacy and Security Tips

Nov 30, 2023

Buzz, a HIPAA-complaint platform enables providers to conduct secure video conferences or calls with patients quickly, easily & seamlessly.

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Kidney Donor Perspectives on Acute Postoperative Pain Management

Clinical Nursing Research
Oct 31, 2023

Prompt pharmacologic intervention for pain, as well as further coaching and education about pain management should be emphasized for nurses caring for living kidney donors. Further study of how donor’s motivation might mediate their pain experience is needed.

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Myeloablative Fractionated Busulfan For Allogeneic Stem Cell Transplant In Older Patients Or Patients With Comorbidities

Blood Adv.
Oct 31, 2023

Myeloablative fractionated busulfan regimen results in low nonrelapse mortality without a higher relapse rate. This regimen is a viable myeloablative alternative for patients who receive a reduced intensity regimen because of age or comorbidity.

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Erythrocytosis in Gender-Affirming Care With Testosterone

Ann Fam Med
Oct 30, 2023

Severe erythrocytosis (hematocrit above 54%) is a rare outcome of gender-affirming testosterone therapy. Clinical recommendations should reconsider the need for routine frequent erythrocytosis screening within the first year of testosterone therapy for patients who prefer to minimize laboratory draws.

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Elevated Low-Density Lipoprotein Cholesterol

Oct 27, 2023

Patients with the highest LDL-C levels at MI had the lowest incidence of mortality and morbidity. This seems to reflect lower age at MI, less underlying morbidities, paired with the modifiability of LDL-C. However, supporting the causal association between LDL-C and ischemic heart disease, elevated LDL-C was simultaneously associated with an increased risk of nonfatal MI.

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Cerebral Glucose Concentration in Neonatal Hypoxic-Ischemic Encephalopathy during Therapeutic Hypothermia

J Pediatr.
Oct 26, 2023

During TH, cerebral glucose concentration is partly dependent on blood glucose concentration. Further studies to understand brain glucose use and optimal glucose concentrations during hypothermic neuroprotection are needed.

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Atezolizumab Combined With Bevacizumab and Platinum-Based Therapy for Platinum-Sensitive Ovarian Cancer

J Clinical Oncology
Oct 25, 2023

ATALANTE/ENGOT-ov29 did not meet its coprimary PFS objectives in the ITT or PD-L1–positive populations. OS follow-up continues. Further research on biopsy samples is warranted to decipher the immunologic landscape of late-relapsing OC.

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Effectiveness of Home-Based Cardiac Telerehabilitation in Patients With Heart Failure

J Clin Nurs
Oct 24, 2023

Patients with heart failure benefit from home-based cardiac telerehabilitation intervention. With the rapid development of information and communication technology, home-based cardiac telerehabilitation has great potential and may be used as an adjunct or substitute for centre-based cardiac rehabilitation.

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