Multigene Panel Testing in a Large Cohort of Adults with Epilepsy

Neuro Genetics
Jan 14, 2022

The study data reinforce the utility of genetic testing for adults with epilepsy, particularly for those with childhood-onset seizures, ID, and pharmacoresistance.

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Effect of Pain Reprocessing Therapy vs Placebo and Usual Care for Patients With Chronic Back Pain

Jan 13, 2022

Psychological treatment centered on changing patients' beliefs about the causes and threat value of pain may provide substantial and durable pain relief for people with CBP.

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The Importance of Blood Pressure Thresholds Versus Predicted Cardiovascular Risk On Subsequent Rates of Cardiovascular Disease

The Lancet
Jan 12, 2022

When medium-term predicted risk is low, there is no urgency to initiate drug treatment, allowing time to attempt non-pharmacological blood pressure reduction.

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Telehealth Privacy and Security Tips

Jan 17, 2022

Buzz, a HIPAA-complaint platform enables providers to conduct secure video conferences or calls with patients quickly, easily & seamlessly.

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Changes in Serum Cytokines Throughout Pregnancy in Women With Polycystic Ovary Syndrome

Jan 11, 2022

Pregnancy in women with PCOS was associated with a strong early mobilization of inflammatory and other serum cytokines persisting throughout pregnancy, indicating a more activated immune status.

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Distorted Memories and Related Factors in ICU Patients

Clinical Nursing Research
Jan 11, 2022

Opioid use may have a protective effect against memory loss. Study results suggest the importance of relieving pain and preserving true memories during ICU treatment.

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Risk of Transfusion-Transmitted Hepatitis E Virus Infection From Pool-Tested Platelets and Plasma

J Hepatology
Jan 10, 2022

HEV can be transmitted in spite of pool testing of blood donors for HEV RNA.

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Intergenerational Gestational Surrogacy In A Patient With Ovarian Dysgerminocarcinoma

Intl J Gynecol Obstet.
Jan 07, 2022

In the appropriate clinical setting, women desiring future fertility with a diagnosis of ovarian cancer without the option of ovarian-sparing surgery may be candidates for controlled ovarian hyperstimulation for the purposes of fertility preservation, especially if altruistic gestational carriers are available and willing.

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Effectiveness and Tolerability of Netarsudil in Combination with Other Ocular Hypotensive Agents

Ophthalmology Glaucoma
Jan 06, 2022

A modest reduction in IOP is achievable with netarsudil in patients with OAG or OHT who are taking as many as 4 ocular hypotensive medications.

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Safety and Efficacy of Nano-Pulse Stimulation Treatment of Non-Genital, Cutaneous Warts (Verrucae)

Lasers Surg. Med.
Jan 05, 2022

NPS is a safe and effective procedure for removing non-genital, cutaneous verrucae.

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Long-Term Anticoagulant Therapy Increases Bleeding Risk in Patients with Unprovoked VTE

Jan 04, 2022

Patients who receive extended anticoagulant therapy after a first unprovoked or weakly provoked venous thromboembolism are at increased risk for major bleeding.

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